New SIB chairperson seeks government support

After a week of his appointment, the new SIB board chairperson Mr Gilbert Lebon, met with Vice President Mr Vincent Meriton, Minister for Investment for Seychelles, Dr. Steve Fanny Principal Secretary in the department of investment & Industries, Mr Kenny Roberts, Director in the Department of Investment and Industries and Board member and our very own Ms. Angelique Antat, Chief Executive of SIB and secretary to the Board. Mr. Lebon had two days earlier met with the CEO for an introductory meeting. 
The discussion was held at State House, with the aim of giving the chairperson the opportunity to elucidate on his vision for SIB. 
Mr Lebon’s preliminary statement was that he is very pleased that President Faure has appointed a person from private sector to head the SIB board. He expressed that has great vision for Seychelles and recognises that the future of investment will not only improve our economy as they will collect substantially more taxes, but it will also create more jobs for our fellow Seychellois. He also stated that he recognises the efforts from the different stakeholders and sectors will be vital in order to make Seychelles more investment-friendly. “By working together, the investment climate in Seychelles is expected to change for the better. More meetings with investors are anticipated and these will voice out their concerns and the difficulties they face when investing Seychelles.”  
President Mr Danny Faure appointed the new SIB board members on 21st April 2017 consisting of:
Mr Gilbert Lebon as Chairperson
•         Mrs Elizabeth Agathine
•         Ms Angelic Appoo
•         Mr Kenny Roberts
•         Mr Kevin Vidot
•         Mr Marc Volcère
•         Mrs Monica Figaro
•         Mr Wilson Nancy
•         Mr William Zarine
•         Miss Noussira Daman
The CEO and Secretary to the SIB is Ms Angelique Antat.
Please feel free to read more about the meeting at State House on following link from Seychelles Nation.


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