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Advisory Team- ISPC Hydroponics Farm Visit 2018

Investor's Meeting

Eden Island Seychelles

After-care visit at Perma-Culture Farm at Anse La Mouche

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Exciting times are ahead for the Agricultural and Tourism sectors in Seychelles, as Mr. Nelson Renaud works on developing a tourist trail through his Perma-Culture farm, located uphill in the district on Anse La Mouche, Mahe.

As a firm advocate for sustainable farming, Mr. Renaud will be adopting the farming method of Perma-Culture at his farm. This is the practice of creating systems that are ecologically-sound and economically viable, which provide for their own needs, do not exploit or pollute and therefore are sustainable in the long-term. As such, several sustainable farming practices are being adopted on the farm to ensure minimum environmental impacts as well as producing the highest quality of organic produce.

The farm will be producing crops that require minimal maintenance and water, such as pineapple, cassava, sweet potato, chilli, banana, saffron, ginger to name a few.

Infrastructural developments are already underway to collect rain and river water for irrigation. Gutters are being placed around the vegetable patches to carry the collected water directly to the plants. This is being developed in a way that will not affect the plants with too much water in the rainy season. A catchment system is also being developed to store surplus water in tanks.

Mr. Renaud is also developing an Aquaponics system at the farm. This is a form of agriculture that treats fish waste as a fertilizer for plants, hence reducing the need for chemical or artificial fertilisers. Tilapia fish are known for adapting well to new environments and produce significant levels of waste; therefore this specie will be used. 

According to the owners, there are many tourists in the area who search for places to visit. To cater for this need, there are plans to venture into Agro-Tourism by integrating trails through the farm leading up to a view point. Tourists will also be able to sample local juices and cakes during their visit. There is also the possibility of developing a small wellness centre at the view point.  This form of Agro-Tourism will contribute greatly in diversifying the tourism sector, while also benefitting the country’s agricultural sector.


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