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Seychelles delegation attends Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong

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A delegation from Seychelles attended the Seafood Expo Asia that was held in Hong Kong from 3rd to 5th September 2018.

The 3-man team consisted of the Deputy CEO for SIB, Mr Lenny Gabriel, the Principal Officer for Aquaculture, Mr Aubrey Lesperance and Mr Fred Formanek, the Seychelles Aquaculture consultant. The Seafood Expo Asia is the largest seafood trade fair in Asia attended by buyers, suppliers and other seafood professionals from all over Asia and the world.

“Hong Kong will be an important future market for Seychelles especially now with the advent of the launching of our aquaculture industry in 2019. It is reassuring to note that nearly all the species that we have identified for aquaculture has seen price increase, some have even doubled in value. ” states Mr Lenny Gabriel, Deputy CEO of SIB

The representatives identified various latest post-harvest technologies as well as any new innovative value addition initiatives which can be implemented in Seychelles.  It is key for Seychelles to have knowledge of new products as well as new product placement. The discerning customers are nowadays demanding higher and higher quality of fish. It is thus important for Seychelles to remain abreast of new best practices.

The members also scoped out the stalls of other countries to survey the products on offer, their prices, quality and stall layout with view of a possible Seychelles participation in 2019. Having a stall at such an exposition is expensive, thus if Seychelles decide to participate, it will be a collective effort under the Seychelles flag consisting of various government agencies as well as members from the private business community.

In view of a Seychelles participation in 2019, Mr. Lenny Gabriel also met with Heather Turcotte, the Sales Manager for Diversified Communications. Diversified Communications is one of the world’s leading industry-specific event organizer especially for the fishing industry.

They currently organize the Seafood Expo North America, the Seafood Expo Asia and Seafood Expo Global, each being the biggest seafood expo in their respective continents with the Seafood Expo Global being the biggest in the world.

Discussions between the two parties centred on future Seychelles participation in all three events. With the advent of aquaculture in 2019, all three exhibitions are key for Seychelles to advertise our products and look for buyers.

The teams also met with DrSidney To, the Seychelles Consulate for Hong Kong, along with his team at their office to discuss investment opportunities in Seychelles and to seek their assistance for Seychelles participation at next year’s Seafood Expo Asia.

The team also answered all queries surrounding the imminent implementation of Aquaculture in Seychelles and what it will mean for investment in Seychelles.


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