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Advisory Team- ISPC Hydroponics Farm Visit 2018

Investor's Meeting

Eden Island Seychelles

SIB attends the Economic Forum of the Indian Ocean Islands 2018 in Madagascar

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The Economic Forum of the Indian Ocean Islands is an annual event organized by the Union of Indian Ocean Islands Chambers (UCCIOI) since 2005, with the support of the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) and the European Union. This major economic event for public and private stakeholders in the Indian Ocean aims to contribute to UCCIOI's business facilitation mission.

The forum aims to:

·         Facilitate the development of business relationships for Indian  Ocean companies 

·         Be a high place of public-private consultation 

·         Bring out solutions for a continuous improvement of the business environment in the Indian Ocean.

This year, Seychelles was represented by the Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and the Seychelles Investment Board (SIB).

One of the first initiatives that will be implemented by the local Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the other Chambers within the region is Océ This is a platform for the development of links between Indian Ocean companies The platform Océ, fruit of the partnership between the UCCIOI and the French Development Agency (AFD), will be presented at the next SCCI networking event in November.

This digital tool dedicated to business and SMEs in the Indian Ocean aims to support inter-island and international trade, by removing the constraints related to the movement of men. The features of this tool will facilitate the search for business partners, opportunities and skills needed to develop their business regionally and into new markets.


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