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Investing in Technology


If you're an aspiring tech entrepreneur, you've experienced something like this:


You're at the office going about your boring morning routine, when--Bang! --inspiration hits. A multi-million rupee idea (cue overhead light bulb).  You quickly scribble your idea on a random piece of paper. After all, if you don't write it down, the idea could fade away. And you can't let that happen. This multi-million rupee tech idea will change your industry, will change Seychelles. Maybe, even the world.

But within moments, doubts creep in--dozens of reasons why this can't possibly work. Topmost among them: you don’t even know what opportunities exist in your own country!


I know this emotional rollercoaster first hand. I have been there too often. So, if you want to start a tech company in Seychelles, what do you do? How do you know what your country needs? Can you afford to do market research whilst and lose your interest or worse, get overwhelmed? This is what you do; first contact the Seychelles Investment Board. Pop by their office, visit their webpage, go on social media or simply give them a call. Find out what your country needs first. There is nothing better than starting a business for which there already is an appetite. SIB has done the research for you. 


Now you have gone through the list. You find yourself with a great idea for a tech company; a new ICT product offering for Seychelles. But still you are unsure; should you really go ahead and invest in ICT in Seychelles of all places? With a population of only 95,000, is it really worth it? Well don't abandon your idea just yet, Seychelles is ranked 2nd in Africa on the ICT Development index. There are plenty of other reasons too:


1.       Greatest internet penetration in Africa.


With more than 70% of the population having access to the internet, the highest in Africa, you can say that the Seychelles is prime for any e-business, app and multimedia solutions. The population and the business community is mature enough to make full use of these types of solutions. If you are a service provider, the uptake of your new product will be easier. 


2.       Greatest mobile phone penetration in Africa.


At 162% mobile phone penetration, this means that virtually everyone has a mobile phone and out of that 62% of them has two phones!! Couple that with my first reason, and you have a country primed for mobile phone app entrepreneurs. Creating the right app that caters to Seychellois can easily make you rich overnight! Now imagine perfecting this app in Seychelles and taking it to other small island state? It’s starting to get interesting is it not?


3.       350,000 tourist at our shores every year.


You have created your app or your product/solution or your new service. The Seychellois public is making use of it. You are now a budding tech entrepreneur in Seychelles.  With 350,000 annual visitors to our small island nation, it means that if you have one good product, you only need a few visitors or one international investor/partner to discover you and take your product globally and suddenly your multi-million rupee service is now a multi-million dollar service.


4.       Sample Size and Funding


For every good product you need a sample size that is not too small, nor too large and the Seychelles with 70% of its population on the internet is ideal for testing and perfecting your solution before taking it to the world. 
Don’t have money to start your big project? Our small sample size is small enough for you to kick start your investment with minimal capital.


Already have your big idea? Is it on the opportunities list? Yes? Then your country needs you. Start your investment. Contact the experts at SIB; the staffs are ideally suited to guide you.  Getting started is the hardest part. So what are you waiting for?  



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