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Eden Island Seychelles


Seychelles depends as high as 99.5% of its primary energy consumption on imported  oil.  The existing energy policy (Seychelles Energy Policy 2010-2030) focuses on the need to reduce this dependency through increased Energy Efficiency, promotion of Renewable Energy with targets of 5% and 15% in national electricity production by 2020 and 2030. With plan to further increase the use of RE beyond the set targets to 100% by 2050, the energy sector is expected to experience excessive growth in the coming years.


Although there are no official stand on the new RE targets, this indicates the direction the new energy policy is going to be.  Such ambitious targets will require a progressive but profound change of the power system and infrastructure such as the introduction of large scale RE plants (large scale solar PV plants, large scale offshore wind farm, marine RE, biomass plants), distributed generation, grid stabilising technology such as battery and pump storage, the introduction of smart grid and smart meters, etc.  This will be Seychelles energy transition to a low carbon energy sector.


Renewable Energy (RE)


Despite the market for RE , Seychelles is small and still far from reaching maturity, RE is and will play an increasingly important role in Seychelles economy thanks to its contribution in not only mitigating climate change but also in strengthening our energy security. It is an area which will drives local industries, investment as well as creates job opportunities. As such, there are opportunities in the solar and wind energy sector. However, given our small size and limited land, RE projects especially of utility-scale will be implemented through a competitive process. As and when and RE opportunity becomes available , SIB will publish respective tenders on its website and Facebook page. Additionally, you can register your interest with us and we will keep you updated of upcoming tenders . Other than large RE projects, companies can also explore possibility of setting up here in Seychelles to supply local market with RETs or set up an assembly plant for RETs and use Seychelles as a gateway to the larger market in the region (Indian Ocean and African Continent).


Other RE sources


  • Biomass: Government is currently reviewing the waste management policy of the country and there is a possibility for Waste-to-Energy Facility. This will also be tendered out.
  • Marine Renewable: Surrounded by almost 1.3million km2 of ocean, there is a potential to harness marine RE sources. We recognize such technologies are not yet fully commercialized but we are prepared to work with interesting parties to use Seychelles as a test bed for their marine RETs. We would facilitate non-financially in the setting up and should the technology proven economically and technically feasible, Government will explore adoption of such.


Energy Efficiency (EE)


This involves the provision of EE services especially to the commercial and industrial sector , for example, the tourism sector.


Electricity infrastructure


To date the generation capacity is sufficient for the demand, however with the upgrading of the transmission network there will be step increase in demand in addition to the current growth rate. As such and with aging current generation sets, there will be a need for a new power plant and this will be done on a tender basis. There is also investment opportunities in the other electricity-related activities (transmission, distribution and supply). For example provision of electrical hardware to replace existing ones, upgrading current infrastructure to allow for more integration of RE, provision of stabilizing technologies to mitigate grid instability due to variable RE, etc…


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