The vast majority of Seychelles' electricity demand is met by the state-owned oil-fuelled power station at Roche Caiman on Mahé's east coast. Experienced managerial and technical staff, combined with regular spending on equipment updates, ensures a constant supply of power. In order to reduce the dependancy on fosil fuel the Government has invested into wind farms providing 7% of the energy requirements.

The fuel which powers the country's generators is imported from the Gulf and skilful long-term planning by the state oil company SEPEC (Seychelles Petroleum Corporation) has led to the development of large bunkerage capacity in the country, allowing Seychelles to become the major distribution hub for the east African seaboard.


The Seychelles Energy Commision is the regulator for the production of energy and have also been madated to set the tariff for selling extra units to the grid by independant power producers.

Investment opportunities

Energy Investment Areas

Oil exploration

Oil support services

Renewable energy support and technical services

Photo voltaic systems and system maintenance

Water solar heaters

Supply of energy efficient appliances

Oil Exploration

Seychelles vast Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which encompasses 1.3 million km² of the western Indian Ocean is being increasingly viewed as a potential source of as yet unexploited oil and gas reserves. Initial exploration in some areas has already begun, and there is potential for further exploration in other, still unexplored areas. The acreage being prospected for oil is 21,426 km² and an additional 205,000 km² is still available for prospecting.

Oil Support Services

Through SEPEC, Seychelles also presently owns and operates six double-hull oil tankers transporting oil to and from countries all over the world.

Renewal Energy Support and Technical Services Project

A number of the country's outer islands, resort owners and environmentalists are pioneering sustainable energy sources, most notably, in the use of solar energy.

Photo Voltaic Systems and System Maintenance

Photovoltaic energy systems are another very popular solar option, especially for hotels and remote outer islands. Such an investment would greatly reduce the peak demand for electricity and would simultaneously showcase this environmentally-benign technology in an appeal to the environmentally-conscious tourist.

Water Solar Heaters

While outer island hotels would likely be the primary market for such a product, the environmental awareness of many Seychellois home owners would make private residences a promising secondary target group.

Domestic energy consumers are also starting to adjust to the benefits of solar energy, with numerous households installing solar water heating equipment.


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