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Advisory Team- ISPC Hydroponics Farm Visit 2018

Investor's Meeting

Eden Island Seychelles

About Seychelles

Seychelles is guided by a dynamic vision of economic growth and social well-being. In line with this strategy, the country has witnessed numerous investments in education, health, housing and other services and sectors over the years.

In spite of the many constraints related to its small size, Seychelles is doing its utmost to manage economic and social development with due regards to the environment, and may be considered as an exemplary country that has embarked on a sustainable development path. It is moving steadily and unstoppably forward, making the most of modern technology and its unique, vibrant, dynamic mix of people and cultures.

In late 2008, Seychelles embarked on a comprehensive reform program with the support of the IMF, World Bank and the African Development Bank respectively.

A little over one year into the reform program, the Seychelles has successfully liberalized the exchange regime with the rupee stabilized and on course to be counted among the best practices of prudent monetary policies. Significant fiscal adjustments, with substantial debt rescheduling and relief have also been part of the successes of the comprehensive reforms launched in partnership with the other stakeholders.

The conditions are right for Seychelles to now resume a path of growth and there is a need to reach out to investors and to consider new avenues as we start exploring new markets to continue our efforts to further diversify the economy in line with reducing the role of the State and encouraging private sector activity.


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